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EPC Roof-top Solutions

The CELCOM Solar Team specializes in providing state-of-the-art PV rooftop solutions that are custom-designed according to the needs of the specific industrial or commercial client. The non-polluting & non-hazardous Solar Rooftop provides energy for captive consumption during the day time bringing down your utility power bill.

For rooftop owners who do not wish to incur capital expenditure, Chemtrols Solar offers the option of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with an investor for a specified minimum period. This option allows the Rooftop owner to get the benefit of solar electricity at predictable costs, without making the upfront capital expenditure, by merely allowing the investor to use their roof to install the PV power plant.

Investors can choose from various technologies and options offered by CELCOM for Rooftop installations :

PV Modules :

Module Mounting Structures :

Solar Inverters with grid synchronisation :

Plant layout :

Typical Shadow-Free Area Requirements on the Roof :

For plants with Crystalline Silicon Modules : 7200 to 8000 sq. m /MW on sloping roofs
14000 to 16000 sq. m /MW on flat roof
For plants with CdTe or CIGS Thin Film Modules : 8800 to 10000 sq. m /MW on sloping roofs
18000 to 20000 sq. m /MW on flat roofs




CELCOM Technologies