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Pay-Roll Recruitment Solution

Top tier companies with considerable and diversified workforce face the perennial problem of employee management and more acutely the problem of payroll management. Businesses who work with a network of workforces nationally and internationally find it troubling to deal with the sheer difference of compliance in various jurisdictions pertaining to employee salary.


CELCOM has been doing payroll management for top tier clients of diversified genres for over two decades. One of the prominent players in the IT pay roll services among other industries, CELCOM has been raising the bar of payroll management with each passing year.

CELCOM take the pain out of the payroll management process of diversified companies by taking care of the following pointers

  1. Attendance management a one of the most prolific challenges faced by companies operating in multiple locations
  2. Leave management a ensuring seamless and uniform leave rules implementations across the company as ecosystem is one of the most vital processes undertaken by team CELCOM
  3. Grievance Management as a sour employee can ruin the working culture of a good mass of employees. To check this phenomenon at the bud, CELCOM employs a dedicated grievance management mechanism which not only aids the firms to address employee issues fast, but also ensure there is limited attrition
  4. Salary Processing a Compliance is the biggest hindrance when it comes to payroll management. CELCOM payroll department takes care of the intricate details of the payroll process and ensures timeliness and correctness of the payroll process
CELCOM Technologies